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We strive to be your #1 source forALL RAW MATERIAL NEEDS

Company History

The idea for CM&T was born during the recession of 1989-1991. At that time, most machine shops quoted any job just to get work and did not necessarily have expertise in the various materials that they were using. Joan worked in the aluminum industry at the time and more often than not, her customers would ask her if she knew where to purchase materials other than aluminum. 

When Joan lost her job due to the recession, the idea of supplying customers with any type of material that they needed was born. After canvassing her former aluminum customers and getting assurances that they would purchase from her, Connecticut Metal and Tool was established in 1991.

After a few years, Kristine joined Joan as a customer service expert, and through 2018 they continued to provide excellent customer service, fast delivery, and compliant products for CM&T’s customers. After over 27 years, Joan decided to take a well-earned retirement, and Greg Mattesen joined the business. Greg and Kristine continue to maintain the goals for service and satisfaction that Joan set forth when she started Connecticut Metal & Tool.

About Us

Connecticut Metal & Tool established in 1991 is dedicated to providing outstanding service, fast turn-around on orders and on-time delivery on metals, fabrication and secondary processes such as waterjet cutting,  heat treating, centerless grinding.  Connecticut Metal & Tool has received numerous customer satisfaction and recognition of excellence awards for quality, on-time delivery and customer service over its 20 years in business.

Our goal is simple.  Connecticut Metal & Tool aims to be your #1 source for all raw material needs while providing a combination outstanding customer service, quality and on-time delivery.   Connecticut Metal & Tool Supply has access to materials nationwide and delivers directly to your dock with NO minimums, NO delivery charges and NO fuel surcharges.  Contact us today for an estimate.

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Supplier of raw metal materials including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon, Red Metal in Connecticut (CT)
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